Collection: Hazard & Tactile Indicators

Our tactile indicator tiles are engineered for durability and effectiveness. We offer tactile indicator studs that provide essential directional guidance and tactile indicator strips that can be seamlessly integrated into various environments. Each product promises quality and compliance, making them ideal for use in areas requiring clear navigational aids.

Discover our tactile indicator tiles in a variety of materials and finishes to suit your specific needs. Whether you are searching for the robustness of handrail tactile indicators or the precision of tactile ground surface indicators, our tiles ensure optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

For urban planners, architects, and contractors, our tactile indicators are synonymous with reliability and safety. They are vital for creating inclusive and navigable environments for everyone. Browse our selection today to find the perfect tactile solution to make public areas safe and accessible for all pedestrians, reflecting our commitment to quality and functionality.

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